Exterior house cleaning / house washing services consist of pressure washing houses to restore the beauty of homes that are covered with dirt, mold, algae and other substances that deminish the curb appeal of the homes exterior. Not every pressure washing job or house cleaning project is the same and the results can vary depending on the condition of the exterior of your house.

Pressure Washing with the right cleaners can revive discolored trim to a like new appearance. Discolored trim can be brought back to life. Mold and mildew can build up on vinyl siding but our exterior house cleaning service can restore the vinyl siding's finish. Mold and Mildew can be removed to create a "like new" appearance.

Pressure Washing the exterior of a house can bring back the original beauty by cleaning away stains and discoloring from mother nature. When power washing houses thoroughly, the black streaks on the gutters will be removed, leaving a clean appearance. Power Washing removes unwanted stains and restores color. The black smudges on the exterior of your home can be removed with regular house washing services. Pressure Washing can also revive the appeal of your home.

Here at PRISTINE PRESSURE we use only Professional Grade Products like Power House, a high foaming concentrated House Wash. An aggressive cleaner, Power House eliminates Mold, Mildew, Grime, and even sticky, greasy jet fuel residue which is difficult to remove without agitation. Power House includes corrosion inhibitors for metal surfaces. Other Products offered are: CITRUS CLEANER, WET WAX, GUTTER ZAP CLEANER, and BIO - BARRIER a Mold and Mildew preventative, that comes with an 18 month guarantee - mold or mildew will not return. Our job is not complete until you are completely satisfied.

We provide numerous home exterior cleaning and pressure washing services for decks, roofs, driveways, wood restoration and more. If you live in the Baltimore area, call or email us to request a Free Power Washing Estimate!