Pressure washing is a great way to clean the grunge and grime from the wood, stone, brick and concrete fencing. Pristine Pressure Washing & Restoration can make the fences that surround your property shine like new.

 Any wood left exposed to the outdoor elements will cup, crack, and warp within the first year or so if it is not protected. The two most common natural enemies of wood are sun and rain. Sun breaks down the surface fibers, causing the wood to weaken and turn gray during the process. Rain causes the wood to swell excessively, eventually leading to the breakdown of the internal fibers. Once this happens, the wood becomes spongy and weak.

Obvious signs of trouble are:

1. Grayed surface (sun, or UV damage)
2. Warping and cracking (water damage)
3. Loose nails (a sign of excessive swelling and shrinking)

Wooden walls have fewer problems than decks and fences due to the fact that they are vertical surfaces protected by roofs. A vertical surface means that rain and snow drain off, leaving the wall dry. Regular cleaning and sealing extends the life of a deck or fence many times over and will keep clean wood fence algae. It saves trees, and saves you money over the long run. Preparation of the wood before sealing is more important than any other phase of caring for decks and fences.

Proper fence cleaning:

a) Eliminates dirt, mildew, mold, and algae
b) Opens the pores of the wood
c) Balances the pores of the wood so that the sealer bonds to each fiber.

Mold spreads easily and may return if all the mold spores have not been removed or killed.