Deck Cleaning & Restoration

Cleaning decks is one of the most popular wood restoration and pressure wash projects performed throughout the country. Every home owner that has a deck made from treated lumber needs to add deck cleaning to their maintenance program in order to make the wood last for many years and to keep it looking great, year after year.


 At Pristine Pressure, we fully understand the need to keep your deck protected from the elements of nature and how important it is to clean and seal decks with professional grade cleaners and wood sealers. Look at the images below and you will immediately see the difference we can make.

To achieve these kinds of results, it is crucial that the proper deck cleaners and sealers be used to clean and treat the wood. It is also important to use the right pressure, with the correct psi in order to prevent the wood from being damaged. the GPM is more important then the PSI, you should not be using more then 800lb's of pressure on wood , so not to fur and splinter or damage the wood

This is where hiring an expert deck cleaning contractor comes into play. Anyone with a desire to work and a good pressure washer can clean a house or rinse a driveway, but when it comes to wood restoration, not everyone has the know-how to clean traditional lumber and especially the more exotic timber used for building decks like ipe and cedar. Only a select few of those have the experience it takes to apply deck stains or sealers without making a bigger mess than they can fix.

It takes time, patience and lots of skill to restore decks to a better than new appearance that not only looks good, but will stand up to the elements like rain, snow and the sun. So having the job done right the first time is important to the life of the lumber and will determine how appealing the deck will be for the years to come. So if you do not have the experience it takes to perform this type of work, do yourself a favor and contact a professional with a proven track record and referrals from satisfied customers.

We provide numerous wood restoration and power washing services for decks, roofs, driveways, concrete and more. If you live in the Baltimore area, call or email us to request a Free Pressure Washing Estimate!

The famous Ready Seal deck sealer has changed the industry. It's the most friendly sealer for decks and fences available. Unique resins,combined with paraffin oil means faster application with no drip marks or overlapping for a more complete penetration. Ready Seal contains outstanding UV protection and excellent mold and mildew inhibitors. Ready Seal is available in 8 natural,semi-transparent stain colors. Colors may vary depending on: type, age, and condition of wood. we only use professional grade sealers , all the other ones like Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Thompsons, use Linseed oil which is the cheapest product they can add to their product , it doesn't penetrate, like a true penetrating oil. it's only a top coat that will flake and peel over time so visit

Please feel free to call with any questions. (410) 371-7152. Here at Pristine Pressure, we have at our disposal, a complete arsenal of Wood Restoration products from Sun Brite Supply of MD. From strippers to Ready Seal, a professional grade Sealer/Stain, we can even clean composite lumber. Utilizing the right cleaner and proper pressure, we will keep your warranty intact.