There are a large variety of surfaces to clean. Each surface requires different methods of cleaning. To properly pressure wash commercial properties you have to identify the hardness of the surface, and the density of the material you are attempting to remove.

As with any other task, commercial pressure washing is a sensitive process that requires the proper cleaners, water volume, and pressure. We at Pristine Pressure want to restore your surface to it's Pristine state, while being environmentally compliant. Our owner obtainted and held an MDE wastewater license for 14 years, while working as an engineer, and plant operator, at a local Maryland Power Plant. We are fully aware of Maryland State Law on Wastewater + storm water run off. We pride ourselves in being compliant. We take every precaution to keep you, and your business compliant as well.
Be prepared, for the trickle down effect:

MDE has already enforced guidelines for water run off into storm drains on larger companies, and they are doing more enforcement on smaller businesses to protect the bay. To do your part, and keep your place clean give us a call today!
Services :

--- We use Tagaway, It is a cleaning agent engineered to clean up problem grafitti, overspray, gunk, and tar, all without damaging the underlying paint. Environmentally safe, it's a clear bio-degradable liquid, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and contains no Methylene Chloride

--- Gum, Oil, Grease, Mold, Mildew, Bird poop, and any other stubborn materials.

--- We use the correct cleaning agent at the proper pressure

--- All commercial vehicles.